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3 Ways to Boost Your Career Change Confidence

I get it--making a big career shift is intimidating and scary, but that doesn't mean you don't have what it takes to achieve your new career goals! I'm a firm believer that confidence is increased by competence, so in other words, the more you know, the more confident you will be!

When starting in your career transition, get crystal-clear on the following data points:

  1. What are the required skills for the role? Understand that the vast majority of employers are seeking similar candidates. Leadership, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, aptitude for learning, and work ethic top the list. And the best part--you have these skills! You just need to identify the right experiences to share that demonstrate these skills in action.

  2. What are the expectations of the new role, and what am I missing? Analyze job descriptions for your ideal career across various companies within your target industries. identify trends and common themes of job duties and how the required skills will be used on the job. This will help you figure out your gaps, and once you know what you're missing, it'll be easier to strategize ways to attain the experiences and skills you lack. Work with a mentor (like me!) to keep you on track.

  3. What is your brand? Performing a SWOT analysis of yourself is a great start to developing your brand. What are the strengths that will allow you to succeed on the job? What are the weaknesses and hurdles standing in the way, and what have you done to overcome these? Each of these will e a part of your story and signal to employers that you're a fit!

Remember to reach out if you need help with any of these areas! Career and personal exploration are the foundations to big career shifts!

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