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Universe, I'm ready.

I love to create. I love to motivate and inspire, but over the past year, my well was dry. I needed a break to refuel so I could give more. How may of you have experienced what I'm talking about?

Staying positive is positively challenging. It takes intention, it takes work. And sometimes, it just means doing instead of thinking. When I started the Judi Fearless Feed, it was because of my own personal journey, my own struggles that I wanted to overcome. I needed a moniker that reminded me of who I really am when I'm not stuck in my head.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a writer. It started with pieces of paper that my mom stapled together for me when I was 6 years old. "Write a story," she said. And so I did. I wrote about what I wanted to be when I grew up, I drew the pony I wanted to buy for myself when I could afford it. I drew me standing behind a podium talking to a large audience of people, telling them what to do. Leading the way. And yes, I was only 6.

Over the years, my vision for my future has evolved and changed, just as I have, just as my fears and experiences have shaped it. And these are the fears that trap me, keep me down, prevent me from reaching new heights and achieving more.

Do you believe in serendipitous moments? Because lately, I do. It was on a recent girls trip to Portugal that I yelled out loud, "Universe, I'm ready." And this proclamation has changed everything for me since then. In the past month, I've had a number of huge negative blows which would have normally knocked me off my game (like they say, they come in 3's). And each time, I said, "ok universe, I'm ready."

And what has the universe responded with? Sending me messengers to remind me of my passion for helping people become more connected with themselves and getting over the fears that hold them back. The universe in so many ways keeps reminding me that I love to create, share ideas, start conversations, and be open to giving. Reminding me that I love to write.

So here I am---letting everyone know that I'm a motivator who hits rock bottom from time to time. I’m a woman who will always get back up when I'm knocked down. I'm a mom who believes that the world IS an amazing place, and we all have a part in making it even better the years to come. I'm a wife who is on a marriage journey, discovering what it really means to be a partner. I am a lover of all things career, and I'm fascinated every day with how it has evolved and continues to evolve since becoming a career mom.

Hello, again. And as for you, my dearest reader -- thank you for letting me share myself with you.


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