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Chill is your state of mind.

Do you find yourself stressed often by the environment around you? Well, you don't have to! Either change your environment, or don't let your environment change you. While we'd all love to do that, it's hard when you had a difficult client at work, your boss is on your case, and you come home to a screaming kid (or 3)--I get it. But the point is, your reaction is your choice, and take control of the moment and your life by managing your reactions. Here are some ways to do this:

  1. Whoosahhhhh. I remember watching this in a movie once, and while ridiculous at the time, is so helpful. Take a deep breath before immediately reacting to calm yourself. Maybe you need more than one--that's ok! Pausing before reacting will remind you that you're in control and can handle it.

  2. Take a time out. Instead of getting upset or blowing up when you're facing a difficult situation with someone, politely ask to table the conversation and reconvene when you both have calmed down. Take a walk, sleep on it, and come back refreshed.

  3. It's not always about you. We have a habit of thinking that others are always thinking about us, but that's not true. Everyone else is thinking about themselves. So when someone snaps at you or even judges you, chances are, their sentiments have nothing to do with you. The moment you start thinking that other's are not thinking about your state of mind, you will find more peace. That's because you can also choose to live your life your way because you're in charge of you.

  4. Have more me-time. Many people are very giving in nature, and one of the most expensive resources is our time. When we give it to others and don't make time for ourselves, we actually are in danger of hurting those relationships. Make time for yourself through meditation, exercise, reading a book, or doing activities that you want to do just for you. Recharge so you can continue helping others.

  5. Manage your expectations. Instead of thinking how life should be, or what you should be doing at this very moment, or how others should be treating you, focus on your part in all of this. Cherish your present moment and present state. Think about how well others are treating you, or ask yourself if you've communicated to others how you'd like to be treated. Take responsibility for your actions and don't put others on pedestals.

What do you do to maintain your state of chill? Please share, and have a fearless week!

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