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4 Tips to Enhance Your Career Search

Before you start applying for jobs, do your research! Career exploration and research is vital to a successful career transformation because your brand pitch will be different with every employer. Each organization, although in the sane industry, prioritizes the skills and experiences necessary for a job according to their company culture. It's your job to know these differences and communicate your understanding of them. A solid career search strategy includes:

  1. Take your time to research companies, industry information, and job roles before submitting your resume and applying for jobs. Each resume is your marketing piece signaling why you're the best candidate, and therefore, each job description requires at least a review and update of your resume.

  2. Use a variety of websites and resources to learn industry insights and company culture. Websites like Vault, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Business Journals are excellent, in addition to researching company websites.

  3. Establish relationships with professionals in your target industries and roles. Your network can help you understand what it takes to be a top candidate and give feedback on your career marketing materials. And depending upon your qualifications and brand, your network can also refer you to the right decision makers impacting your career search.

  4. Pay attention to the details in each job description. Employers spend much time crafting their job descriptions, and each one is the key to what the organization is seeking. Consider the tone used, identify keywords and commonly used terms to apply these important skills and experiences to your resume and introductions.

Try these career search best practices and let me know how it changed your career search!

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