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Reflection: Goal-Setting Check-Ups

2018 is around the corner, and the holiday season not only signals time for family, food, and memories, but also the excitement of setting goals for the new year! But before you start listing out all of your goals, take some time to reflect on the goals you set for this year. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which of the goals did I achieve this year?

  • What were some reasons why I didn't get to some of my goals?

  • What was one activity that if I did it would completely change my life?

  • What help do I need to achieve the goals I set for myself?

  • How do I prioritize each of the goals set for myself?

Answering these questions will help you understand what do the next time around so that you don't see "Lose 15 lbs" for the 3rd year in a row with no actual progress!

#motivation #motivationmonday

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