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success is on the other side of your fears. 


The Judi Fearless feed

career makeover?

My name is Judi Umali-Rajkumar, and as Judi Fearless, I design winning game plans to take my clients' careers to the next level. Specifically, I work with all levels of professionals who are:

  • Drained and demotivated and discovering a need to find renewed purpose and a meaningful career

  • Tired of getting application rejections and offers given to other candidates

  • Stuck in their current position for some time and needs guidance on how to develop their career further

  • I've lost my career mojo and want it back

    30 min

    Free Consultation
  • Outdated resume? More declines than interviews?

    30 min

    Free Consultation
  • My career search strategies are ineffective

    30 min

    Free Consultation

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